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Children Ballet Dancing Show

It will be about a theatre show of narrative ballet whereby it is a mashup of ballet with an interesting storyline. These performances will consist of small children/students showcasing their ballet dancing mixed with professional ballet dancers and this show will definitely sweep the audience off their feet. 

Some of the major past performance they had: 

  • International Youth Arts Exchange Conference 
  • China-ASEAN Youth Dance Performance & Exchange
  • Featured in BBC Worldwide (S) Pte Ltd programme


They have been established since 2012, and Meiyi is the main instructor at her ballet studio. She was trained in Moscow & Russia, at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, and she was the first Singaporean to be accepted into their school. Her dancers have gone on to compete in some competitions, both locally and abroad, and she have also trained dancers who are students at professional ballet/dance schools. Currently oher than teaching at the studio, she is also a part-time lecturer at LaSalle and is still dancing actively in public performances. 



Synopsis of the story plot: 

Coppelia is a lifesize doll made by Dr. Coppelius. One day, a village youth called Franz, chanced upon it and fell in love with it, not knowing it's a doll. He then made plans to break into Dr. Coppelius' workroom to see Coppelia the doll, however unbeknownst to him, his fiance, Swanhilda caught wind of his plans and she decided to play a prank on him. She also came to the workroom with her group of friends, and they saw many other lifesize dolls other than Coppelia. They decided to dress up as the dolls and play a prank on Dr. Coppelius and Franz by pretending to be dolls that came to life. 

Coppelia is typically what they call a "comic ballet" or "narrative ballet" as it contains major elements of storytelling.



Package includes props, costume, and liaising with the performer for actual performance and  rehearsal if needed 

Performance duration: 1 hour 15 minutes inclusive of audience interactive session

Kindly note that client have to provide venue, sound system and publicity. 

For more information, contact us at event@esnasia.com